In the last few years, I have found new information on our family, found some old photographs AND made two trips to northern France to the birthplace of our ancestor. I though it was time to post the fruits of my latest labours!
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Montcornet is located a few kilometers from Sissonne where our ancestor Guillaume Daoust was born. It is here that Jeanne Aubert, Guillaume's mother was born and where she probably married Nicolas Daoust sometime in the 17th century. 
Sissonne a small village about 15 kilometers from Laon in Picardy was the birthplace of Guillaume Daoust.
Laon, once the capital of France is a beautiful medieval city built on an acropolis that dominates the surrounding countryside. Nearby villagers would have come on market day and many would come to pray at its famous cathedral.
Bayeux, a medieval city in Normandy was the birthplace of Antoine Pilon. Four of our ancestor's children married Antoine's progeny.  Elizabeth Pilon married Guillaume Junior in Pointe Claire in 1715.
Guillaume Daoust Junior was one of the 1st pioneers to own land in the village of Pointe Claire.
Albert Daoust married Oliva Delorme in Sturgeon Falls in 1915. Her parents were Simeon Delorme and Elmire Daoust . I have acquire a photo of this couple and several of their children.
When St Anne de Bellevue celebrated its 300th anniversay in 2003, Bob D'Aoust and I organized a Daoust family reunion!
I found a new document I didn't know existed on our ancestor Guillaume D'Aoust . It concerns the division of his property after his death in 1729. I have added it to his notarized acts (last one)
Cheri Grignon was the son of Agnes Daoust (the sister of Augustin #3) and Joseph Grignon (the brother of Agnes Grignon the wife of Augustin Daoust). He was 1st cousin to both my grandparents, Albert Daoust and Oliva Delorme. His grandson Rex Grignon has sent me this wonderful photo from  c1914.
An 1865 photograph showing the second presbytery and second church of Pointe Claire known to our ancestors, Guillaume D'Aoust, son and his family. 
I have added a painting of the second church of Saint Genevieve de Pierrefonds. It stood from 1751 until 1845 and was the parish church of our Claude Daoust and his family.
Sissonne, where our ancestor Guillaume D'Aoust was born in the mid 17th century has a wonderful website full of old postcards. I was asked by its creators to send them information and images on Guillaume and they would create a page in his honour. Well here it is (in French - after all, it is France!)
Great news!  An article published in the Spring of 2009 has provided us with a great deal of new information on the origins of our ancestor, Guillaume Daoust in his native France. His mother's family has been traced back to the 15th century!
Recently found a couple of old photos of Graton relatives of Olive Graton married to Augustin Daoust in 1842.
I have added several photos of my uncle Lionel Daoust and his family. Hope to add some more!!
Facebook is a great way for family to keep in touch so I have created a group site in Facebook. Check it out. It's called Our Daoust family and I'd like you to join!
I visited the Archives in Laon, France in June, 2010 and browsed many 17th century documents that related to our family history. I obtained several signatures of relatives who never left the old country!
I visited the Chateau de la Cour des Prés in June, 2010. This chateau is part of our family story!! Here are some photos I took during my stay. Just click on the photo gallery at the top of the page!
Winter 2023 - I've started to add new stuff to the website. This link deals with new information on Jean de Lalonde's early history before he arrived in New France!