The seventh son of Guillaume Daoust and Elisabeth Pilon was born in Pointe Claire at 6:00pm on April 25th 1739.  He was their thirteenth and last child.  He was named for a son who had died in 1734 shortly after his birth.  Claude grew up on Lake St. Louis in the paternal home, which he would later inherit.  This home was on lot #125 beside the lot of his maternal uncle Pierre Pilon and his aunt Anne Daoust.  It is in present day Baie d'Urfé close to the border of Ste. Anne de Bellevue.
Claude Amable Daoust married Ursule Jamme dit Carrière, the daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marie Anne Clement on January 19th 1761.  This seemed to be following an apparent family tradition (4 Pilons had married 4 Daousts).  In this case, on January 8th 1753, Claude's brother Francois had married Ursule's sister Josephe; his sister, Rose had married Ursule's brother Jean Baptiste on the 29th of January 1753. The story of Pierre Jamme dit Carrière and his wife Marie Barbary, their grandparents, is an interesting one involving the Lachine Massacre, life as Iroquois hostages and the Great Peace Treaty of 1701.
Shortly after his marriage, Claude was listed in the 1765 census of Pointe Claire.  The following information was given:

Claude D'aoust
house:   1
Men:     1
Women:                      1
Female children:1
Arpens of land:100
Harvest in 1765:33
Beef:      2
Cows:     2
Calves:  3
Horses:  2
Pigs:      8

The union of Claude and Ursule would beget 10 children.  The first two were born and baptized in the parish of St. Joachim of Pointe Claire.  On March 14th 1768 in the office of the notary, L.J. Soupras, Claude exchanged a land concession in Ste. Anne de Bellevue with one in Ste. Genevieve.  Their third child, Guillaume, was born on May 22nd 1769 in Ste. Genevieve de Pierrefonds.  Their subsequent offspring were all born in this parish.  A document dated January 2nd 1808 pertaining to their son, Augustin, stated that the latter was a bachelor living on Cap St. Jacques in Ste. Genevieve.  Was he still living at home?  Was home on the above aforementioned land?  The answer should be forthcoming as we continue our family research!!
Claude and Ursule spent their lives living in what is now referred to as the West Island of Montreal.  The homes of a couple of their relatives still stand today.  Rose Daoust and her husband, Jean Baptiste Jamme-Carrière (Claude`s sister and brother-in-law) lived on Cote St. Charles.  Their farmhouse was located halfway between Pointe Claire village and Ste. Geneviève de Pierrefonds.  Ursule's grandmother was an Iroquois hostage for eleven years, between 1689 and 1701.  She only had two children that left descendants: Jean Baptiste, Ursule's father and Thomas, her uncle.  It was a small family and this presupposes a close knit one.  Claude Daoust was the legal guardian of Geneviève Jamme, the daughter of Rose and Jean Baptiste, the son.  In a 1790 document, Claude as "tuteur" settled the inheritance of his niece, Geneviève.  Claude and Ursule must have visited the house on Cote St. Charles more than once.  The other house, located on nearby Cote St. Jean belonged to Hyacinthe Jamme-Carrière.  He was the son of Thomas and first cousin to Ursule.  Again because of the small Jamme-Carrière family at the time, it is easy to conclude that Claude and Ursule also knew this home.
Ursule passed away on March 16th 1809 in Ste Genevieve.  Claude was still alive.  We haven't yet found his date of death.  Did he sell his land in Pierrefonds?  Did he donate it to one of his children?  Did he go live at the home of one of his children and pass away in their parish? These are questions still unanswered!!

This is a record of events in the life of Claude Daoust through existing church records and notarized acts. He left his mark on several of them!  It is still a work in progress!!

April 26, 1739, St Joachim, Pointe Claire:
Born the previous day at 6:00 p.m.
Godfather:  Jean-Baptiste Daoust
Godmother:  Ursule Seguin

March 21, 1759, Soulange
T. Vuatier:
Sale of family land concession in Pointe Claire by Guillaume Daoust and his wife, Elisabeth (Isabel) Pilon to their youngest son, Claude Amable Daoust.
Situated on the St. Lawrence, beside the land once belonging to the late Pierre Pilon, uncle to Claude.  On the other side, the land belonged to Joseph Brunet and Pierre Laplume.  The land had the paternal home on it that Claude grew up in.  The stone house measuring 28 square feet had a shingled roof.  There was a barn which was 95 feet long; it included a garage area for the carriages and sleighs.
Sale conditions:  The parents wanted to reside in the said house the rest of their lives with the buyer.  They wanted to be able to store the grain in the barn and their vehicles there.  They also wanted the enjoyment of the use of their gardens and their produce.

January 9, 1761 Montreal
G. Hodiesne
Marriage contract between Claude Amable Daut (21 years of age) of the parish of Pointe Claire, son of Guillaume Daut and of Marie-Isabelle' Pilon, of the parish of Pointe Claire and Ursule-Amable Jamme (16), daughter Jean Baptiste Jamme dit Carrière and of Marie-Joseph Clement.of Pointe Claire. 

January 19, 1761 St Joachim, Pointe Claire:
Claude Amable Daoust married Ursule Jamme, daughter Jean Baptiste Jamme de Carrières and Marie-Joseph Clement.  Also present were Guillaume Daoust and his wife 'Isabelle' Pilon, Louis and Jacques Denis, Francois Roy, Vincent Chamaliard, Joseph Charlebois, Pertuis, priest

May 13, 1762, Pointe-Claire
Ursule Amable Daoust, their first child was born and on August 6th of the same year, she passed away. 

January 29, 1764 Pointe-Claire
Jean Baptiste Daout, son of François Daoust and Marie Josephe Jamme Carriere (Claude and Ursule are the godparents).

The following children were born to Claude and Ursule in Pointe-Claire:

April 4, 1765    Ursule Amable Daoust
June 24, 1767        Claude Amable Daoust

The following children were born in Ste. Genevieve de Pierrefonds :

May 22, 1769          Guillaume Daoust
August 16, 1771      Jean Baptiste Daoust
June 5, 1774           Marie Elisabeth Daoust
April 13, 1776         Joachim Daoust
October 23, 1779    Augustin Daoust
April 17, 1784         Joseph Daoust, passed away January 9, 1785
November 16, 1785 Genevieve Daoust
June 21, 1788         François Daoust

1765 Pointe-Claire
Claude Daoust was listed in the census.

October 31, 1766 St Jaochim, Pointe Claire
Death record of Elisabeth Pilon, his mother.  She had passed away 2 days previously..
She was about 72 years old.  Present were her sons, Francois and Claude Daoust.

March 14, 1768 Pointe Claire
L.J. Soupras:
Exchange of a piece of land located on the côte and parish of Ste. Geneviève for land in the "censive" of the seigneury of Montreal between Pierre Daussy, merchant and Marie-Rose Lalonde, his wife from the parish of Ste. Anne (de Bellevue) and Claude-Amable Daoust and Ursule-Amable Jamme dit Carrière, his wife, of Pointe Claire.

March 8, 1774 Pointe Claire
L.J. Soupras:
Sale of land situated on Cote Saint Jean by Jean-Baptiste Jamme and Pierre Jamme, Francois Daoust and Marie-Josephte Jamme, his wife, Claude Daoust and Ursule Jamme, his wife, all from Côte Ste. Geneviève, Pointe Claire and St. John to Jean-Baptiste Baulnes of Côte St John, their brother-in-law.

October 31, 1774 Pointe Claire
Sale by Claude Daoust to Francois Sabourin :
Sale of a piece of land located in the Seigneurie Des Milles Iles north of the Rivière du Chesne.
Claude Daoust was stated as living in his house on Côte St. Genevieve.  He was selling his propriety to François Sabourin resident of Rivière du Chesne.

October 31, 1774 Pointe Claire
L.J. Soupras
Sale of land located in the Seigneurie Des Milles Isles on the north side of the Rivières du Chesne by Claude Daoust of Cote Ste. Geneviève to Joseph Larocq, resident of Cote Ste. Marie.

February 8, 1779 St. Eustache
Claude Daoust and his brother Joseph attended the wedding of their brother François of Pointe-Claire to Marie Josephe Brunet Letang.

January 13, 1783 Ste. Genevieve de Pierrefonds
Claude and Ursule attend the wedding of their daughter Ursule to Joseph Turpin.

January 22, 1788 Ste Genevieve de Pierrefonds
Claude and his wife Ursule Jamme attend the wedding of their son Amable to Genevieve Proux.

January 2, 1796 Ste. Genevieve de Pierrefonds
Claude Daoust and his wife Ursule Jams attend the wedding of their daughter Elisabeth to Jean Lacroix Pilon.   Claude's brother, Guillaume and Jean Baptiste were also present. Claude's profession was described as a Laboureur.

January 30 1809 Ste. Genevieve de Pierrefonds
Claude (occupation is described as cultivateur) and Ursule attend the wedding of their daughter Genevieve to Joseph Lalonde.

March 18, 1809 Ste. Genevieve de Pierrefonds
Ursule Jamme is buried in the cemetery of the church having died two days previously at the age of sixty six. 

In the book "Montreal en 1781" published by Payette Radio Ltd. one finds information about the land concessions on the island at this time.  It is taken from the records of the Seigneurs on the island, the Sulpician Order.   Lists give the names of those who must pay "rentes" to the seigneurs and how much per year.

Pierre Pilon posseses three arpens by forty with a house, barn and stable. Sixty arpens de "désert".  Must pay 3 livres and 3 minots of wheat.

Next to him Claude Daout possesses three arpens by forty with a house, barn and stable. Sixty arpens de "désert". Must pay 3 livres and 3 minots of wheat.

Next Guillaume Daout pocesses two arpens with house, barn, stable. Twenty five arpens of "desert".  Must pay 2 livres and 2 minots.

Next Francois Daout pocesses two arpens with house, barn, stable. Twenty arpens of "desert". Must pay 2 livres and 2 minots.

Claude Amable Daoust
(1739 - )