Augustin Daoust (3)
(1847 - 1915)
Augustin Daoust, the son of Augustin and Olive Gratton was born in the parish of St Augustin near St Eustache, in the county of Two Montagnes.   He married Agnes Grignon on October 7th 1867 in this same parish. Their first child, Alexina was born and baptized here but their next one, Paulus was born in St Albert in Russell County, Ontario.  This county opposite Lachute was just across the Outaouais River at the Quebec - Ontario border.  Augustin and his family would stay a few years in this community.  Their children: Albina, Auguste, Eva, Phileas, Albert and Salome were born here (from 1870 - 1887). Their last child, Oliva was born in 1892 in Sturgeon Falls in Northern Ontario.  Along with Augustin and Agnes, one finds in St Albert the family of his brother, Napoleon Daoust and Azilda Beauchamp.  One also finds Sophie Daoust and her husband, Charles Gratton.  Charles is the brother of Olive (Augustin's mother!)

St Albert, Ontario
(a description found in "Place Names of Ontario")

St Albert:  a dispersed rural community, Cambridge Township, Russell County.  Located 40 miles southwest of L'Orignal the County seat and 6 miles west of Casselman Station on Grand Trunk railroad.  Post office established as St. Albert in 1880.  First Postmaster Victor Fortier.  This office was made a savings bank office on May 1st, 1915.  Post office still in operation in 1983.  Present approved name is ST. ALBERT.  Population 50 in 1892 and 259 in 1976.  Map position: 450 15'    750  07'.

Sturgeon Falls

Sturgeon Falls had its beginnings before the arrival of the railway there in 1882.  A trading post of the Hudson's Bay Company existed where the Sturgeon River flows into Lake Nipissing.  It closed in 1879.  That year a white settler, James Holditch built a cabin near the falls.  When the trading post closed, he continued its work.  He was a community builder and he became mayor of Sturgeon Falls in 1897.

The first settlers who came to the area came for the lumber.  By 1881, a sizeable community had built up.  The railroad was coming and A.P. Cockburn operated a steamboat on Lake Nipissing.  It was in service from 1881 until 1910.  The area now known as Sturgeon Falls was home base in 1882 when the CP railroad came through and continued westward.  Thousands of men came and many stayed.  Some were French Canadians who were seeking to settle on new lands.  In 1868, the Ontario government passed the "Free Grants and Homestead Act".  This Act provided many with a new beginning in a new land.  It gave 100 acres of land to any male over the age of eighteen with the stipulation that he build a house and clear 15 acres within 5 years.  More land could be obtained if he had children.  Most opened up the outlying area to farming while others settled in the small village.  The first French Canadian family was that of Louis Jodouin.  The first Daoust to arrive was Napoleon Daoust, the brother of Augustin.  Napoleon got land in 1885, south west of the village.  Augustin Daoust got land in Sturgeon Falls in 1896 although the Ontario census of 1891 for Springer Township shows his family and him already living there (this is before Sturgeon Falls was incorporated into a town).  His property was situated a little west of his brother, Napoleon and his son's lands.  Evariste Fortier and his wife, Alexina Daoust, the sister of Augustin and Napoleon got 2 lots, one in 1889 the other in 1891.  Augustin's son, Albert married his 1st cousin, Oliva Delorme (dit Lemay) in 1905.  The Delorme family arrived in the area a little later than Augustin.  Léon and Herménégilde Delorme (Oliva's brothers) got lands in 1908 and 1924 respectively.  We know that Leon got his land through the "Free Grants and Honestead Act".

The railroad brought prosperity to the area.  In 1884, streets were laid out near the falls and Minne-Ha-Ha Bay. The John Street bridges opened up in 1886.  Joseph Michaud opened a store on Levesque near Front Street. Other merchants included J.D. Cockburn, Adrien Lewis, Sam Eyre and Richardson.  Many hotels and boarding houses were built.  Two wood mills were in operation at the time; the Clarks saw mill on the south side of Minne-Ha-Ha Bay and on the west side of the falls, the Russell mill.  Wood has been the lifeblood of the community for the past 100 years.  The Sturgeon River and Lake Nipissing have been the highways for millions of logs that have gone to markets around the world.  On April 16, 1895 Sturgeon Falls was incorporated as a town.

The parish of the Sacred Heart was founded by missionaries in 1885 and registered as a parish in 1891.  The first church stood on St John Street until 1914.  At that time, William Daoust of Noelville (a relative I'm sure since our Daousts went to Noelville - but I'm not sure of the link) built the present church.

The census records of Sturgeon Falls show an interesting linguistic trend.  When it started, most of the new settlers were English.  In 1901 there were 805 people of British origin, 596 French and 17 others.  After one of the mills had closed, there was a shift in population.  The 1911 census indicated 838 English and 1239 French.  By 1961 there were 1,093 Anglophones and 4,843 francophone.

The 1891 Ontario census for District No 95 1/2 Nipissing  Springer gives the following information for an Augustin Dolt !!! This is Daoust - the facts fit Augustin Daoust married to Agnes Grignon.

  SexAge         Status
Augustin Dolt  M  44     Mfarmer from Quebec, can read and write, employer
AgnesF  40       Mwife
Augustin  M 17     son Ont
Eva      F   9 daughter            Ont
Felisa(Philias !)       M  7      son Ont
Albare (Albert) M 5      son  Ont
Seloma (Salome)    F  3  daughter    Ont
Verice (Evariste!)    F (M)    1(actually) son   Ont

The Census of March 31, 1901 for Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County, gives us the following information on Augustin Daoust:

He is residing at District house # 56

                                 BirthdayAge   Occupation    Know     Can    Can
                English  write   read
Augustin Daoust13 mar1847     54Farmer              *  
Agnes Daoust     2 jun 1850       50his wife                    *        *        
Fillias(Philias)   15 sept 1882     16son               *   * *
Albert21 sept 1884 14son              *   * *
Salome7 dec 1887  13daughter         * *  
Varice(Evariste) 12 jan 1890      10son           * *  
Olive  23 march 1893     8daughter          

Months in school per year:  Salome 9, Evariste 8, Olive 8.
All are Roman Catholic and all speak French.
Many of the census dates for the birthdays of Augustin Daoust and his family are not correct (close but not right - they don't match the church registers).

Augustin Daoust passed away in Sturgeon Falls on September 8th 1915 due to complications arising from diabetes.  He was  buried on September 11 in the cemetery of Sacred Heart parish.   Agnes Grignon, his wife, died a year later on December 9th 1916.  She lies with her spouse.

AUGUSTIN DAOUST (1847 -1615)

This is a record of events in his life through existing church records and land transactions through the Land Registry Office of Ontario. It is incomplete, very much a work in progress!

March 29, 1847 St. Augustin
Born on this day.
Godfather:  Augustin Gratton, uncle
Godmother: Catherine Ethier, grandmother of Agnes Grignon (his future wife!)

October 7, 1867 St. Augustin
Register of the parish
Marriage of Augustin Daoust, son of Augustin and Olive Gratton and Agnes Grignon, the daughter of Francois-Xavier and Josephte Deneau.

By 1905, Augustin Daoust had about 270 acres (closer to 262 acres) in a rectangle enclosed by the south shore of the Sturgeon River and the present day Roy Street and Quesnel Road in the town of Sturgeon Falls.  I don't have the dates when he acquired this parcel of land but I do have the dates that he sold some of it to his sons (for a $1).

June 9, 1906 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
Augustin Daoust sold to his son Phileas south 80 acres of above.

June 9, 1906 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
Augustin Daoust sold to his son Albert 80 acres north of and neighboring Phileas's lot.

June 9, 1906 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
As executor of his brother, Emery's Will, Augustin purchased his land on the north side of the Sturgeon River, enclosed by present day Bay, Smilie and Leblanc roads.

May 15, 1908 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
Augustin Daoust sold northern part of his parcel of land (102 acres of the original 262 acres mentioned above) to Brockville Loan for $2000 at 8%.

December 5, 1910 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
Augustin Daoust repurchased the above land from Brockville Loan.  It is a little confusing here because I have that on November 28 1910, Augustin sold Phileas the 102 acres in question for $6,500.  Phileas on the same day sold part of this parcel to Brockville Loan for $2,800.  On January 23, 1911 Phileas sold the othr half of the parcel to Francois Lafrance for $1000.  On August 20, 1920 Phileas repurchased that part of the parcel he had sold to Brockville loan for $1,941.

In 1913, Augustin Daoust purchased in Sturgeon Falls lot # 25 (the north-east corner of Russell Street between Parker and Nipissing streets.

February 18, 1913 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
Augustin Daoust purchased lot # 25 from the Imperial Land and Toronto General Trust for $210.

April 28, 1913 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing
North Bay Land Registry Office
Lot # 25 was sold by Augustin Daoust to widow Helen McGrath for $400.

March 2,1914 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
Helen McGrath returned the above property for $2,211.

January 27, 1920 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
Eric Maurice, executor of Augustin Daoust Will sold the property to Stanisla Audry.  both Mr. and Mrs Augustin Daoust had passed away.

I've attempted below to sort out the land transactions of his sons that pertain to Augustin Daoust's 270 acres (actually 160 + 102= 262) mentioned above.  It is an imcomplete list.  Between 1905 and 1920, there were several transactions involving this land and Augustin's sons, Phileas, Evariste, Auguste and Albert.

March 8,1907 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
Phileas Daoust sold the 80 acres his father had given him in 1906 to his brother, Evariste for $1,300.

May 22,1912 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
On this day, brothers Evariste and Albert entered into an exchange of properties:
Albert Daoust (my grandfather) bought bought the southeast part (40 acres) of the 80 acres his brother Evariste had purchased from Phileas in 1907.
On the same day Albert sold the northwest 40 acres his father, Augustin had sold him to his brother, Evariste for $1.  On January 26, 1918, Phileas bought the remaining 40 acres (the northeast corner) his brother Albert had gotten from their father in 1906.

June 10, 1912 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
Albert Daoust sold the property (acquired in May of 1912) to Joseph Maisonneuve for $750. ( Joseph was the husband of Albert's niece, Graziella Fortier - the daughter of his sister. Alexina).

February 13, 1918 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
Joseph Maisonneuve sold  the above mentioned piece of land to Evariste Daoust for $400.

September 2, 1915 Sturgeon Falls, Nipissing County
North Bay Land Registry Office
Auguste Daoust (second son of Augustin Daoust) purchased for $800 the southwest 40 acres from his brother, Evariste (March 8, 1907).  The 80 acres , Evariste acquired from Phileas in 1907 -  the southeast 40 acres went to Albert (May 1912) and the southwest 40 acres went to Auguste! (September 1915)
Auguste and his wife, Joséphine Martin sold this property on September 9 of  the same year to Arisdas Dutrisac.