In June 2010, I visited Sissonne and ended up in the regional newspaper!!
En juin 2010, j'ai visité Sissonne et j'ai été le sujet d'un article dans le journal régional!!
A Canadian was originally from Sissonne

Nine Generations Later

The city of Sissonne has made a historical discovery. Guillaume D'Aoust, tailor by trade was originally from Sissonne. The parish registers of Lachine, Quebec state that he was 84 years old when he passed away in 1729. He was born around 1645.

His father, Nicolas D'Aoust was from Sissonne and his mother, Jeanne Aubert was from Morcornet.

The reasons for Guillaume decision to immigrate to New France are unknown. Like his father before him he chose to become a tailor. We do not know the date of his arrival but on January 12, 1675 he signed a notarized act in Montreal.

Guillaume lived most of his life on the shores of Lake Saint Louis on the western end of the island of Montreal in Lachine and in St. Anne de Bellevue.

A return to the source for one of his descendants! Nine generations later, Michel D'Aoust returned to Sissonne in search of traces of his ancestor and places he might have known. A small reception was held at City Hall at the end of the day. A medal and a book on the history of Sissonne were given to him by the mayor, Pierre Marie Lebée.

Photo caption: According to the parish registers in Quebec, Guillaume D'Aoust died in 1729.


The information used for the newspaper article was not the latest. Nicolas D'Aoust is mentioned in a notarized act as a merchant from Sissonne (nothing about being a tailor). There is only one act in New France that mentions his son as a tailor. Illegal fur traders were often in the fashion industry!! Guillaume's father-in-law was a hat maker! They both lived at the western tip of the island of Montreal, far from civilization as such. Jeanne Aubert's maternal relatives, the Bouchiers were from Moncornet but her father, Guillaume Aubert was a prominent notary from Sissonne. The Auberts had been in the city since 1491!