This son of Augustin and Olive Gratton was born on February 9th 1855 in Saint Augustin in the county of Deux Montagnes, Quebec.  On January 23rd 1876, he married Azilda Beauchamp in Embrun, Russell County, Ontario.  By this time, most of Napoleon's immediate family had moved to this area of Ontario.  Land through the "Free Grants and homestead Act" first attracted Napoleon and his brothers Augustin and Emery to Sturgeon Falls, located in Springer Township.  In the 1880 - 90s many in the family had relocated here.  Azilda passed away in 1898 and 3 years later, Napoleon married Amanda Leblanc on July 18th 1901.  He died in Sturgeon Falls on February 11th 1932.
Napoleon Daoust
(1855 - 1932)