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The sites below are mostly our grandmothers' families!
The Lalonde Family
February 18th 1686 - Guillaume Daoust married Marie Madeleine de Lalonde.  The Lalonde Family web site has some great stories of their early years in Ste Anne du Bout de l'île (Bellevue).
Pilon International
Association of the Pilons of America
January 7th 1715 - Guillaume Daoust married Elisabeth Pilon.  
The Carriere Family Association
January 19th 1761 - Claude Daoust married Ursule Jamme dit Carriere.  Ursule's grandparents were involved in the Lachine massacre (the family were Iroquois captives for 11 years!) and the Great Peace Treaty of 1701.
Associaton of the Charbonneau Family of America
September 26th 1808 - Augustin (1) Daoust married Marie Louise Charbonneau.  Her ancestor, Olivier Charbonneau was one of Montreal's early pioneers as well as Laval's first citizen.
The Dubreuil Family 
Fred DuBray has created an excellent web site on his family who first settle in Ste Anne du Bout de l'île. Our original ancestors undoubtedly knew each other; our family trees distantly connect.
These are some interesting genealogy sites I found.
National Archives of Canada
The Gratton Family
September 19th 1842 - Augustin (2) Daoust married Olive Gratton.  
The Lemay Family Association (in French)
May 1st 1905 - Albert Daoust married Oliva Delorme (dit Lemay), my grandparents..  
The Guillet/Cinq Mars Family
August 2nd 1952 -Jean Guy Daoust married Jeanne d'Arc Cinq Mars, my parents.  This site is being created by my sister and I.  It is very much in its infancy.  You can visit now then watch it grow!!
Génelalogie des Cinq Mars (in French)
The Virtual Museum of New France
Planete Quebec - Genealogy for Everyone
Quebec Religious Heritage
The Compagnie Franche de la Marine
The Genealogy Society of St Eustache
The 1837 Rebellions
The Northern Ontario Gravemarker Gallery