Charles Daoust, the 6th child of Guillaume and Marie-Madeleine de Lalonde was born on August 16, 1701 and baptized the same day at Saints Anges Gardiens of Lachine. He grew up on the family farm on Baie d'Urfé.

On December 3, 1723, he married Marie-Angélique Laplante dit Sauvé, the daughter of  Pierre and Marie Michaud dit Michel. A marriage contract was signed earlier on November 21 with LePailleur.

The couple had 14 children, 4 boys and 10 girls, not all surviving to adulthood.

Marie-Angelique, b. Aug-26-1724 in Ile Perrot, Quebec, Canada, baptized Aug-28-1724 in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue,
Quebec, Canada,  d. abt 1726, buried: abt 1726.
Charles, b. Nov-01-1725.
Charlotte Catherine, b. 1726.
Marie-Josephe, b. Apr-16-1727.
Marie-Rosalie, b. Sep-24-1729.
Marie-Anne, b. abt 1731.
Francois-Marie, b. Mar-25-1733.
Joseph-Marie, b. Sep-20-1736.
Marie-Jeanne, b. 1736.
Marie-Madeleine, b. Aug-22-1738.
Marie-Felicite Angelique, b. May-31-1740.
Marie-Agathe, b. Jun-01-1740, d. Jun-26-1740 in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada, buried:        Jun-26-1740 in
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada.   Baptism: Twin to Felicite; auve.
Therese, b. Dec-14-1741.
Marie-Francoise, b. Nov-08-1745

Charles was one of the early pioneers of Ile Perrot which is located across the rapids of Ste Anne at the western tip of the island of Montreal. Once the seigneury of Francois Perrot, it had been in its early years, a fur trading center. When Joseph Trottier dit Desruisseaux became seigneur of the island on August 27, 1703, he started a plan for its colonization. He built a stone house on the south side of the island at Windmill Point. It stood until the early 20th century. He also had a windmill constructed nearby around 1709. Eleven land concessions were initially granted on the point. "L'Histoire de L'Ile Perrot" by V.Carriere, 1949 and D. Giouard's "Lake Saint Louis, Old and New", 1893 both state that Charles had the 5th lot west of the seigneurial domain.
Charles Daoust
1701 - 1772
Charles Daoust
(1701 -17)

This is a record of events in his life through existing church records, censuses and notarized acts.

August 16, 1701 Lachine
Baptism:  Charles Daoust

June 10, 1730 Montreal
Lepailleur de LaFerté:
Sale of land located in the seigneury of  Ile Perrot, on the south side; by André Forsat, of Lachine on the island of Montreal, with Toussaint Hunau, his father-in-law, to Charles Daoust of Ile Perrot.

January 16, 1732 Montréal
Guillet de Chaumont, N.-A.:
Sale of Succession property rights, located at western end of Montréal; by Charles Daoust, resident of Bout de l'Ile in the parish of Ste Anne on the island of Montréal to Jacques Sauvé.

October 2, 1749 Montréal
Simonnet, F:
Sale of land located on Ile Perrot at L'Anse au Sables; by René Leduc of  Ile Perrot to Charles Daoust of Ile Perrot.

January 9, 1762 Montréal
Vuatier, T.:
Donation of land located on Ile Pereau; by Charles Daoust, resident and Marie-Angélique Sauvé, his spouse, of Ile Pereau, to Joseph Daoust, their son.

January 9, 1762 Montréal
Vuatier, T.:
Donation of land located on Ile Pereau; by Charles Daoust, resident and Marie-Angélique Sauvé, his spouse, of Ile Pereau, to Marie Charles Heneau (minor), Marie Josephte Heneau (minor), Archange Heneau (minor) and Joseph Heneau (minor), accepting on their behalf Joseph Heneau, the widower of Marie Charles Daoust their father and guardian, Archange Daoust (minor) and Charles Daoust (minor), accepting on their behalf Guillaume Daoust and Marie Reine Bourbonnet, his wife ...Pierre Lafleure, accepting on his behalf, Pierre Lafleure, widower of Marie Anne Daoust, his father and guardian, Marie Josephte D'aoust and Pierre Monpetit dit Potdevin, her husband, Francois D'aoust, Marie Jeanne D'aoust et Augustin Lefevre dit Lasiszeray, her husaband, Joseph D'aoust, Marie Madeleine D'aoust and Joseph Delisle, her husband resident of Soulanges, Félicité D'aoust and Jean Baptiste Déchamp, her husband, Thérese D'aoust (minor) and Francoise D'aoust (minor).

February 5, 1762 Montréal.
Vuatier, T.:
Marriage contract between Joseph Daoust, the son of Charles Daoust and Marie Angélique Sauvé, of Ile Pereau and Marguerite Leduc, the daughter of Michel Leduc of Ile Pereau.